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Specialised Radio to suit people who speak a language other than English as well as those of you who have a keen interest in culture. Brisbane's only multilingual radio station broadcasting 24/7 'Sharing the World with you' in over 50 different languages including a variety of programs in English. 4EB FM 98.1 has studios located at 140 Main Street, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane under the Story Bridge with a sound proof digital recording studio.

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4EB FM Groups have their program air-time allotted according to the amount of paid members that each group has. Each 4EB Group has an elected Convenor and 4EB Members elect a board of directors who make decisions for all groups. Board members are allotted Returning Officer positions for each Group. 4EB Group Convenors meet regularly to discuss programs and changes. 4EB FM encourages new groups to join and will help groups to establish their programs.

Programmes include News, Sport, Music and Variety. Anyone is encouraged to join a 4EB FM Group even if they are not with that Ethnic Group (you can just join the general 4EB Group). 4EB FM prints a regular Newsletter of Events and Changes.

Community Broadcasting Foundation

Radio 4EB FM wishes to acknowledge the generous financial support it receives from the Community Broadcasting Foundation. CBF has annually supported with funding in the areas of:

Programming across all ethnic communities
Equipment purchases
AERTP Training courses
Development grants for new language groups
Multicultural CD compilation production
The CBF has also subsidised 4EB's Internet presence.
Please visit the CBF website to discover their role in ensuring 4EB FM remains a vital communication tool for people from all over the world.

Mail: info@4eb.org.au

You can listen to 4EB Live Streaming through our Liveradios.online. Enjoy listening to live radio without getting stuck, which collects all the radio frequencies, broadcast live over the Internet, and offers the opportunity to listen to live music without interruption and for free.

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