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LightDigital is home to Australia's best Christian music and artists from across the world, and features the best of Australian and international Christian teaching.

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Message of the Day: Tune in every weekday at 8pm to hear our “Message of the Day” from a local Melbourne pastor.

A Different Perspective: Berni is a dynamic preacher of God’s word, with a passion for helping people to connect with God amidst the realities of life. He has a wonderful ability to communicate deep, life changing truths in a way that makes sense to the rest of us – talking about issues that really matter, things that each one of us experiences in our own lives. Listen to Berni on-air with A Different Perspective each weekday at 6:30am.

Bigger Questions: Have you ever wondered… Is God real? Why does He allow suffering? What’s the purpose of life? Join host Robert Martin with ‘Bigger Questions’ exploring the big questions of faith and life.

Insight for Living: nsight for Living with Charles R. Swindoll not only has messages from God’s Word but also supports our listeners in their personal and spiritual growth through Christian resources and services. Tune in to Insight for Living. on LightDigital at 7:00pm Monday – Friday, and Sunday morning at 6:00am (info for Sundays at the bottom).

Focus on the Family AU: This program offers weekly encouragement and advice for the whole family and is produced in Australia! Here we bring you a large array of guests who talk about multiple subjects to do with family life. Focus on the Family Australia airs Sunday nights at 9pm.

Focus on the Family US: This program offers daily encouragement and advice for the family. Hosts Jim Daly and John Fuller and interviewer Deb Sorenson bring you various guests every weeknight to discuss multiple subjects to do with family life. Tune in to Focus on the Family each weeknight at 9pm.

Light & Life | LightDigital: Helping us grow stronger, wiser and better – Light & Life airs Sunday nights at 7:00pm on LightDigital.

Velocity: Every Saturday night from 9pm till midnight, LightDigital goes into PARTY MODE!! Hear the latest rock, rap and R&B music from around the globe on Velocity.

Mail: friends@lightdigital.com.au

You can listen to Light Digital Live Streaming through our Liveradios.online. Enjoy listening to live radio without getting stuck, which collects all the radio frequencies, broadcast live over the Internet, and offers the opportunity to listen to live music without interruption and for free.

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